Thank you for visiting! I raise a bowl of tea to you and hope by landing here you leave with new tools to live a life in greater alignment to your truest nature.



Tea practice is a graceful and gentle offering of plant medicine that allows a deeper connection to the self, nature and those around you. I deeply wish to share a bowl of tea with you!



A home to inspire and educate you to return to your roots and honor your truest nature, that you are nature. Our goal is to give you tools to live a life in deeper communion with yourself, nature and those around you.



You may be wanting to reduce your fast fashion consumption or just love vintage pieces either way Simply Bare is here to help! We cut down the hunt and help you enjoy living slowly from wherever you are.

I've never experienced something so pure and meditative. each time the glass was filled my mind drifted to one thought, then it vanished by the time the glass was finished. enjoying life's simple pleasures and meditating never came so easy until I started drinking tea with Rachel. -Megan

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I help brands bring their stories to life through imagery.

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