What people are saying about experiencing Tea Ceremony

The experience of sharing tea in nature was healing and grounding. I was able to connect with nature and myself with heightened appreciation and joy —through the pouring of tea, the sounds of nature, and the silent, sacred container facilitated by Rachel. -Ellie
So grateful that Rachel introduced me to simple tea ceremonies! My wife and I take time to sit for tea a few mornings each week now, and it’s been great just taking some time to relax, to drink, and reflect. Tea has become such a welcomed self-care practice for me. -Austin
I’ve never experienced something so pure and meditative. each time the glass was filled my mind drifted to one thought, then it vanished by the time the glass was finished. enjoying life’s simple pleasures and meditating never came so easy until I started drinking tea with Rachel. -Megan
This was a beautiful and unique experience with Rachel. My first time having a tea ceremony, and I loved it. I definitely would recommend this experience and hope you enjoy as much as I did. - Katie