Why a Simply Bare lifestyle?

I've decided to live a simple, sustainable, beautiful and well-curated life. This was a decision I had to make after seeing how the industry, I have always dreamed of having a career in, has questioned and reshaped my values and beliefs.

Let's take a step back; here's a bit about my background and how I got to this place. I have been a creative person for as long as I can remember. At a very young age I was diagnosed with dyslexia and began my journey of being separated from the “normal” students to learn in a recourse room. This separation forced me to find more productive ways to engage and it sparked my interest in creativity and forming a way to learn and explore that worked best for me. It led me to practice and be a part of many different activities and groups from dance to photography and lots in between.

Through way of art school in Chicago, I have made my way to New York City and have begun my career as a fashion stylist and assistant to stylists for big brands, television shows and publications.  I have been exposed to many different facets of the fashion and media industry. This is an industry that consumes my life and forces stress upon me because I am a part of selling products that I do not believe in or stand for.

As fashion is the second largest global polluter, I struggle to support an industry that is harming this beautiful planet we live on. I want to explore how to have fashion in our lives, but in a way that both supports and brings awareness to improving our environment.

I am searching to find the tools to live this overall conscious life I am craving not only in fashion but wellness, health and beyond. Simply Bare is my way to document and explore becoming the most balanced, sustainable and conscious version of me. As we take this journey together I hope to inspire you along the way!

With love and gratitude!