Sustainable Saturday - 01

Saturdays are for reflecting and recapping on the past week for me and what better way then to share with you all what my week was filled with. A weekly post on what I have read, listened to, watched and experienced in the journey to a Living Baree lifestyle. 

Books: Invincible Living by Guru Jagat a easy to read book introducing and exploring the practice of Kundalini yoga. Filled with detailed practices you can introduce into your daily life. It is a must read! 

Must WatchWaste Land a document releasing in 2010 showing Brazilian artist Vik Muniz's journey to document the people working in the world's largest landfill Jardim Gramacho (now closed). 

Podcast: The Ezra Klein Show Elizabeth Kolbert: We have Locked in Centuries of Climate Change. She simplifies how climate change is happening to better understand and it leaves you ready to start making an environmental difference to help save our planet! 

Events: Meeting of the Minds  a networking and social gathering event to unite revolutionary minds. This event takes place all over the United States and is expanding globally. It is filled with like minded people speaking and discussing the changes we wish to see in the world and how to begin to make these changes! Also featuring guest speakers Sah D'Simone, Jennifer Rossano of Neurotic Mommy and Joshua Dorfman speaking about the importance of a keeping a healthy gut and introducing meditation to our lives! 


What were the highlights of your week? Any incredible details you want to share with the Living Baree community?