Sustainable Styling

At the start of my transition of living a more sustainable lifestyle I was approached by an incredible director and cinematographer to style a new film. After clearly stating my decision to only use repurposed fashion director Elle Ginter was quickly on board. The period short film for BMW's 100th anniversary proposed the opportunity to use all second hand finds throughout New York.

Some of my favorite vintage shops: 

Stella Dallas

L Train Vintage : They have multiple locations throughout the city and Brooklyn making it a staple! 

Local Etsy shops: I love editing my search for shops located in my area and asking if coordinating a pick up is possible. This helps eliminate any extra packaging waste plus you meet amazing people and get your items quicker! 

I would love to know what your favorite vintage and second hand shops are, let me know wherever you are located and what shops are always a go to for you! 

Enjoy Retrospect, created with passion by incredible people using only repurposed apparel! 



Image by: Kirsten VanSkiver


Film Credits

Director | Elle Ginter
Director of Photography | Allison Anderson

Starring | Jake Silbermann, Rachel Finninger
Stunt Driver | Josh Anthony

1st. Assistant Camera | Tyson VanSkiver
2nd Assistant Camera | Kim Herman
BTS Photographer | Kirsten VanSkiver
Drone Unit | Snaproll Media

Stylist | Rachel Bare
Makeup Artist | Zac Hart
Facial Prosthetics Artist | Kelley Coleman
Facial Prosthetics Artist | Shaun Gibson

Editor | Tyson VanSkiver
Colorist | Jeff Levine
Sound Design | Defacto Sound
Vocals & Cover | "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Hannah Sumner