A Conscious Body, Mind & Spirit

In January I gathered with men and women of all walks of life for a full day submerged into a learning haven at Maha Rose's wellness fest. A peaceful and inviting space located in Brooklyn, New York that opens its doors to learn and experience all types of holistic, spiritual and life changing practices. 

This day was filled with incredible people and healers it entailed a panelist discussion, mini hypnosis, mini Ayurveda, crystals 101 and self care rituals workshops. 

After submerging myself in an information packed day that opened my eyes to many new and interesting topics I was able to walk away feeling light, energized and ready to begin introducing some small and major lifestyle shifts.

Read below to see my top 3  take aways I believe are so important to share with you to help live a conscious life to support and nourish our  body, mind and spirit. 

  • Nourish your GUT! It is vital to keep your gut happy and healthy as 95% of your bodies serotonin (happy hormone)  lies in your gut. If your gut is happy your mind will be happy and vise versa! You can help nourish your gut by introducing items into your diet such as kombucha, probiotics, kimchi, and miso while also cutting out processed foods and refined sugars!   
  • Learning to let go of the I am not good enough mantra we say unintentionally and intentionally  to ourselves daily.  Instead feeding ourself with affirmations that supports and cares for you. One helpful hack I've included in my daily life is to record a message in your voice memos with all the things that you love about yourself and then listen to it daily! It helps to reshape your thought patterns and subconsciously change the way we view ourselves. 
  • Lifestyles are a practice and if you fall off it is OK, just pick up from where you fell of! It is a journey we are taking and making mistakes is going to happen but how you choose to pick yourself back up is truly how you become stronger! Lets not beat ourselves up for having a slip up but cheer ourselves on for choosing to get back up and try again! 


I would love to hear how your help nourish your gut, let got of negative mantras and  how you choose to cheer yourself on when you slip up!

Share your tips and experiences below! 


Sending you all love and gratitude




All photos by Maha Rose