Sustainable Saturday - 05

I am back from Costa Rica and man on man what an amazing holiday it was! When I have traveled in the past I have been a planner and organizer down to all the small details and this trip I let go! It was the most freeing and rewarding experience, I was able to truly learn and take in being completely present in every moment. We woke up when we felt we had enough rest and slept when the timing felt right and some nights that meant 7pm. 

For the first time in what seems like my life as I walked along the beach at sunset our first full day I felt free and light with my mind completely still. No racing thoughts, frustrations, fears or anxiousness it was completely 100% still. It felt as if all my anxiety about this unknown future I have lying in front of me that I have wrapped my mind and energy around day in and day out was gone.


This freedom allowed me to be vulnerable to open up to new experiences and people. I met amazing women and men, took spontaneous motorcycle rides (my first time ever!), surfed in the pacific ocean, took a spanish spoken yoga class, learned and practiced my very little spanish knowledge, danced with no fears or insecurities, enjoyed the local sodas with traditional Costa Rican food, climbed to a waterfall and half scaled a cliff, zip lined through the canopy and truly learned to live life blissfully and presently. 

As I've transitioned back into my New York life  I am bringing back this stillness with me and its allowing much ease in my life. I am refocused and calmed in hectic situations that living in this city presents daily, such as those you simple encounter on the subway. Finding new ways to bring that stillness daily, I have introduced a simple new meditation practice and also truly listening to my body. When you choose to go where your gut and your heart lead you it brings a tremendous about of relief and calm into life.